nextstrain remote delete

Delete datasets and narratives on a remote source.

A remote source URL specifies what to delete, e.g. to delete the “beta-cov” dataset in the Nextstrain Group “blab”:

nextstrain remote delete

The –recursively option allows for deleting multiple datasets or narratives at once, e.g. to delete all the “ncov/wa/…” datasets in the “blab” group:

nextstrain remote delete --recursively

See nextstrain remote –help for more information on remote sources.

usage: nextstrain remote delete [--recursively] <remote-url>
       nextstrain remote delete --help

Positional Arguments


Remote source URL for a dataset or narrative. A path prefix to scope/filter by if using –recursively.

Named Arguments

--recursively, -r

Delete everything under the given remote URL path prefix

Default: False


Don’t actually delete anything, just show what would be deleted

Default: False