Auspice: An Open-source Interactive Tool for Visualising Phylogenomic Data

Auspice is software to display beautiful, interactive visualisations of phylogenomic data.


Auspice being used to show the spread of influenza H7N9 virus across Asia.

Communicating scientific results while also allowing interrogation of the underlying data is an integral part of the scientific process. Current scientific publishing practices hinder both the rapid dissemination of epidemiologically relevant results and the ability to easily interact with the data used to draw inferences. These shortcomings motivated the Nextstrain project, for which Auspice was initially devloped.

Auspice can be run on your computer or integrated into websites. It allows easy customisation of aesthetics and functionality, and powers the visualisations on

For a more formal introduction to auspice & the wider nextstrain project, please see Hadfield et al., Nextstrain: real-time tracking of pathogen evolution, Bioinformatics (2018).


Exploring Enterovirus d68 by changing between three different colorings: clades, age-ranges & mutations at a certain genome position.