Install Auspice


This is an Auspice-specific installation guide. If you wish to use Nextstrain as a whole, please refer to the Nextstrain installation guide.

Install dependencies

Auspice is a JavaScript program and requires Node.js to be installed on your system. Refer to engines.node in package.json for currently supported versions.

We recommend using Conda to create an environment with a specific version of Node.js. It’s possible to use other methods, but these are the instructions for Conda:

conda create -c conda-forge --name auspice nodejs=16
conda activate auspice

Install Auspice as a user

npm install --global auspice

If you look at the release notes you can see the changes that have been made to Auspice (see your version of Auspice via auspice --version). To upgrade, you can run

npm update --global auspice

Install Auspice as a developer

See <>__.

Testing if it worked

If installation worked, you should be able to run auspice --help.