All outputs

For convenience, you can obtain all output files listed in the followup sections at once.

In Nextclade Web: download file.

Nextclade CLI arguments:

  • --output-all/-O <OUTPUT_DIR> - set output directory where the files will be written

  • --output-selection allows to select which files are written

  • --output-basename allows to customize base name of the output files

⚠️ For CLI users: Note that due to technical limitations of the JSON format, it cannot be streamed entry-by entry, i.e. before writing the output to the file, all entries need to be accumulated in memory. If the JSON results output or tree output is requested (through --output-json, --output-tree or --output-all arguments), for large input data, it can cause very high memory consumption, disk swapping, decreased performance and crashes. Consider removing these outputs for large input data, running on a machine with more RAM, or processing data in smaller chunks.