nextstrain remote

Upload, download, and manage remote datasets and narratives. is the primary remote source/destination, but Amazon S3 buckets are also supported and necessary for some use cases. 1

Remote sources/destinations are specified using URLs starting with and s3://<bucket-name>/. remote URLs represent datasets and narratives each as a whole, where datasets may consist of multiple files (the main JSON file + optional sidecar files) when uploading/downloading. Amazon S3 remote URLs represent dataset and narrative files individually.

For more details on using each remote, see their respective documentation pages:

For more information on dataset (Auspice JSON) and narrative (Markdown) files, see Data formats.


In previous versions, only Amazon S3 buckets were supported. The introduction of support largely obsoletes the need to use S3 directly. Exceptions include if you need to manage v1 datasets (i.e. separate *_tree.json and *_meta.json files) or Nextstrain Group overview/logo files ( or group-logo.png).

usage: nextstrain remote [-h] {upload,download,list,ls,delete,rm} ...