nextstrain remote upload

usage: nextstrain remote upload <remote-url> <file> [<file2> […]]
       nextstrain remote upload --help

Upload dataset and narratives files to a remote destination.

A remote destination URL specifies where to upload, e.g. to upload the dataset files:


so they’re visible at

nextstrain remote upload auspice/ncov_local*.json

If uploading multiple datasets or narratives, uploading to the top-level of a Nextstrain Group, or uploading to an S3 remote, then the local filenames are used in combination with any path prefix in the remote source URL.

See nextstrain remote for more information on remote sources.

positional arguments


Remote destination URL for a dataset or narrative. A path prefix if the files to upload comprise more than one dataset or narrative or the remote is S3.

<file> [<file2> […]]

Files to upload. Typically dataset and sidecar files (Auspice JSON files) and/or narrative files (Markdown files).


-h, --help

show this help message and exit


Don’t actually upload anything, just show what would be uploaded