nextstrain remote download

Downloads pathogen JSON data files or Markdown narratives from a remote source.

Source URLs specify the file(s) to download:

nextstrain remote download s3://my-bucket/some/prefix/data.json

will download “data.json” into the current directory.

Recursive downloads are supported for downloading multiple files:

nextstrain remote download –recursive s3://my-bucket/some/prefix/

will download all files under “some/prefix/” into the current directory.

See nextstrain remote –help for more information on remote sources.

usage: nextstrain remote download [-h] [--recursively]
                                  <s3://bucket-name> [<path>]

Positional Arguments


Remote file path as a URL


Local directory to save files in. May be a local filename to use if the remote path points to a single file.

Default: .

Named Arguments

--recursively, -r

Download all files with the given remote path prefix

Default: False