Documentation style guide

This is the (fledgling) style guide for Nextstrain’s documentation.


Capitalize the names of our projects, like Nextstrain, Augur, Auspice, Nextstrain CLI, etc.

Do not capitalize the eponymous commands of our projects, e.g. augur, auspice, nextstrain.


Use short titles in the entries of toctree directives (i.e. the site navigation tree) to keep the navigation sidebar easily scannable. It’s ok for the title of the page itself to be longer/different.



When you must use a subproject URL instead of an Intersphinx reference—such as in toctree directives, documents still using Markdown, and Intersphinx’s configuration—use Read the Docs’ default version redirect (…/page/…) to make sure subproject URLs will always resolve to the subproject’s default version (and language).

For example, do use:

Do not use:

This is particularly important for unversioned subprojects (e.g. using latest) which we might start versioning later.