Update the workflow

We update the official workflow regularly with:

Update your local copy of the workflow, to benefit from these changes.

# Download and apply changes from the Nextstrain team.
# This only works if there is no conflict with your local repository.
git pull --ff-only origin master

# OR:

# Alternately, download and apply changes from the Nextstrain team
# and then replay your local changes on top of those incoming changes.
git pull --rebase origin master

Alternately, download a specific version of the workflow that you know works for you. We create new releases of the workflow any time we introduce breaking changes, so you can choose when to update based on what has changed.

# Download version 7 (v7) of the workflow.
curl -OL https://github.com/nextstrain/ncov/archive/refs/tags/v7.zip

# Uncompress the workflow.
unzip v7.zip

# Change into the workflow's directory.
cd ncov-7/